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Secrets in Bar Harbor


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A widow turns to her sisters for comfort – only to discover, after all these years, she might not be blood-related at all.

Heather Harvey Talbot is the youngest of the three Harvey sisters. She's a devoted wife, sensitive yet lively woman – who is the author of children's fantasy books and pours all of her love and life into her relationships with her husband, Max, and her two daughters, Kristine and Bella.

But all that changes when Max, an oceanographer, disappears off the coastline, never to be seen again.

Grief is an understatement. Heather's depression is unsurmountable.

With her daughters both away at college, Heather retreats to Bar Harbor, where one of her sisters has taken up operation of the Acadia Eatery, which is attached to their inherited Keating Inn.

But almost immediately after her arrival, Heather discovers old letters that indicate that Jane, the woman she thought was her mother, was never her mother at all. There's nobody else around to ask – her father and "mother" died years ago.

In the wake of her torrential grief, Heather now finds herself sliced off from the sisters she once so loved, facing trauma she hadn't known existed.

Will she discover the truth? And what will become of her relationship to the women she always called "sisters" if it's true she doesn't really belong?

Dive into this new women's fiction series, Mount Desert Island – an unfolding family drama of heartache, longing and secrets on a beautiful island off the coast of Maine.

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